Dance Nights


Everyone comes to dance and socialise,
Modern Jive etiquette is to accept a polite invitation to dance and
in keeping with modern times, ladies also invite the gentlemen to dance.


Doors Open

A committee member or ‘taxi-dancer’ will chat to you about the evening,

take you to a table and introduce the nearby dancers –

everyone is very friendly. Beginners and less experienced dancers look out for our ‘Taxi-dancers’

(who wear Black MJC tops) and are there specifically to help beginners and less experienced dancers.


Beginners Lesson

A relaxed session teaching you three basic moves led by the Instructors from the stage.

You’ll have the chance to learn each move in detail whilst circulating and socialising with other dancers


Freestyle Dancing


Intermediate Class

The instructor will teach two more advanced moves for intermediate dancers.

Also a repeat lesson for beginners

where an instructor will take you through the earlier moves to

give you the opportunity of enjoying an almost one to one lesson with the instructors.

9-30 to 10-30

Freestyle dancing.